“Great Minds in STEM, Bridging the Gap” invites students from Asia and Europe to share the application
of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in schools. Rather than to teach the four
disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm
based on real-world. Since STEM is relatively new to us, students and teachers from Asia and Europe
will be able to get better understanding of the topics by sharing information on the importance of STEM
subjects and how they are taught in the schools. Hopefully it can tackle any misconceptions on STEM
and create conducive and happy learning environment in the schools.


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Meaning of STEM


Research shows that the earlier we catch #kids & support their wonder about the world, the more successful they will be later in life. Read our #blogon how introducing #STEM curriculum in all elementary schools will foster life-long interest in STEM: https://goo.gl/FsqgYJ In STEM we also learn to program, only with other software. We find it very fun to do, because we learn a lot from it! It’s very useful for the future.

Herentals (Belgium)


Discover the Top 8 Benefits of STEM Education


STEM Education vs Traditional Education


Good day everyone! We are Grade 11 STEM students from the Philippines. This semester we are taking up biology and it is the best. Currently we are focusing on botany, from dissecting the plants up to checking it under the microscope and we sure are really having fun! We are glad to be part of this group and project. We hope to get along with everyone, have a good one!

I’d like to share my project that I made several months ago. I made a car that used ball wheels instead of normal using lego and tennis balls A car with ball wheels makes parking much easier because this car can move in any direction. This idea occurred to me after seeing the film “I,Robot”. First I made this model in LDD (Lego Digital Disigner) then I made a real copy. Unfortunately, it was too heavy because of 2 Lego bricks which controlled 8 motors(2 on each ball wheel) and lego motors were very weak. This month I ‘m going to remake it using arduino as a platform for programming instead of Lego Mindstorm. Also, I want to print the car body ( which will consist of a lot of parts ) on 3D printer instead of using Lego details. 


Zabaluyev Yegor  (Russian Federation)

In our country STEM becomes more and more important because there is a growing market for it and there are a lot of open jobs. In our school, science, technology and maths are taught to all students. But we also have the STEM module. During these lessons we learn programming,
computer science, electronics, science and math in a practical way.

Educational robotics is developing in Zhukovsky. The number of children attending Robotics clubs here has increased by 180 people. Classes are taught by certified teachers in kindergartens and schools.
On April 22, school № 12 held a competition in Robotics between the schools of the city, which was attended by 19 teams – primary school students.
The event was organized By the center for children’s development called ” It’s interesting!”, which is a representative of the international company” Lego Education” in Zhukovsky

Zhukovsky (Russian Federation)




In our class, we use the cognosco way of working. In this video we explain what cognosco is.


Our classroom – Herentals (Belgium)



Zabaluyev Yegor  (Russian Federation)

Hi everyone. Today i’d like to tell you about STEM in our country. In our country there are no such lessons as robot technologies or engineering classes. That is why I go to CYIC( Center for Youth Innovation Creativity ). There you can find a lot of 3D printers, tools, different materials, everything that you need to create what you want. Also CYIC holds competitions for example, drone races, programming competitions etc. What is more, it gives me an opportunity to visit different exhibitions in our country or in other countries. You can attend a lot of different classes here such as maths , robotechnics, drones,3d modelling and many others. I like all these classes and if you come to Zhukovsky just tell me and I will show you this place. (picture #1: classroom where you can find 3d printers),(picture #2: main classroom).
This is an olympiad conducted in almost 50+ countries all over the world. It is related to the robotic education given under STEM. And yes, it has another important objective, i.e to bring many countries together.

Aditi – India

Hello everyone!
The concept of STEM emphasizes the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum. It teaches us computational thinking and focuses on the real world applications of problem solving.
Here is an interesting video..do watch!???Ritu – India
Why STEM education should be introduced early on for children?

Yastika – India

Today lets talk about the work of Nobel prize winning Indian American astrophysicist S.Chandrasekhar and evolution of white dwarfs.

Ekta – India

Hi guys!! Today , I want to share information about a weird organism i.e immortal jellyfish . In a way we can say that it is immortal as it can revert to its polyp stage age after reaching its sexual morality. It can do this severl times making this organism immortal . Imagine if humans could do this , an old man could revert himself into a baby. These types of organisms always fascinate me . Moreover , more than 60 percent of biosciences graduates are women . Isn’t it amazing !!!!

Kawaljeet – India
Me and my friends super excited to participate in Quest’18?
A sneak peak into the Maths and Science Exhibition 2018…!!!!!





Hello,Today i will be showing you one of the many STEM jobs, Here we go…
Chemistry is one of the many important STEM jobs. Belgium is known for it’s advances in chemistry. Best know is probably Ernest Solvay and the Solvay company.

Killian  (Deurne – Belgium)

I have respect for Civil Engineers because they build bridges and buildings you name it !

Jamie  (Deurne – Belgium)

Maruan (Deurne – Belgium)

Why Samsung Steps Up for STEM Education

Aditi -India

Equality in STEM.

1) Equality in STEM. 
• What does it mean?
• Why are there less girls in STEM?
• Is this the case in your school/country?

2) Find a misconception in STEM.
• Why do you think it exists?
• How can we change it?

Hi, we , STEM-girls of campus De Vesten, have made a video of girls in STEM at our school. At a young age there are many girls very interested in STEM. From the age of 12 their interest is changing. But the ones who stay in STEM are very talented in engineering and science! They can beat the boys.

Amélie (Herentals – Belgium)

35 years ago, Sally Ride became the first American woman to launch into space! See how Sally’s ride has encouraged women and girls in STEM fields today.

The unpaid care burden continues to fall upon women. To achieve gender equality and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, theInternational Labour Organization – EU and Benelux countries is calling on everyone to value unpaid care work and to close the gaps between women and men. The latest report on gender inequalities::bit.ly/2IzW4Al

Yastika  -India


Really true, a girl can learn STEM as well as a boy if she is encouraged and inspired ..

Châu Hà Phạm